Fine & Premium Spirits

We have curated a selection of premium spirits from around the globe, focussing on those which have been crafted with true care and passion, and ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, all perfectly suited for the connoisseur of fine spirits.

Scotch whisky is well represented in our selection, from iconic Speysiders like Glenfarclas and The Macallan to the great names of Islay like Laphroaig and Ardbeg. Featuring rare and limited edition whiskies from across the country, along with a number of bottles from now silent distilleries and some classic every day drinkers, our enthusiasm for Scotland’s most famous export knows no bounds. That is not to say that we favour Scotland over the other great whisky producing areas of the world; the world famous names of Yamazaki, Hakushu, Hibiki and Karuizawa (amongst others) from Japan are all represented, along with some of America’s and Ireland’s finest in Four Roses, Whistlepig, JJ Corry and Teeling.

Cognac also features heavily, with a staggering array of vintage and long aged cognacs available from Hermitage, along with the more classically structured and long lived styles from Delamain. White spirits are far from neglected, with Blanco tequilas and gins from the likes of Casa Dragones and Procera.

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