Wines from Southern France, innovative and diverse.

The South of France, with its array of climates and diverse landscapes, has become a source of wine innovation and inspiration to the rest of France. Able to produce a large number of different wines, the leading producers in Southern France can fashion wines which appeal to many different tastes from rich reds to aromatic whites and famous roses.

The South of France is spread over a vast distance from the coast in the Pyrenees on the Spanish border up to the Alps on the border of Italy. It is divided into three primary regions; Languedoc and Roussillon to the west and Provence to the east, and as a whole has around 120,000 acres dedicated to wine production. Over this vast landscape there are lots of high-quality vineyards to choose from – with the most famous being Château d’Esclans, famous for its rose wines fashioned from old-vine Grenache.

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