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Quick Guide to Dashboard and Order Entry Form

The headline Dashboard GBP quotes represent the best current bid and offer across all pack sizes converted to a price per 12x75cl. The Dashboard can also display and be operated in EUR per 75cl bottle by selecting the appropriate option within the LiveTrade tab on My Profile.

A few features:

  • click on a wine's critic score to open a window showing tasting notes and price history
  • click on the last trade price to open a window showing price history
  • click on the star symbol to add to your Watchlist
  • click anywhere else along the wine's row to open the Order Entry Form; the current Order Book is displayed at the top of the form

There is a very important switch which toggles between MarketView (MV) and ExchangeView (EV). Changing this does not affect anything in terms of the underlying set of prices but it alters the way in which prices are displayed and the way you enter your own targets.

MarketView: Dashboard prices are displayed as all-inclusive prices showing exactly what a user will pay or receive if they deal. When you enter a target price in MarketView you simply enter the net amount you wish to pay/receive. We will adjust your net target by our (very competitive) margin and publish this adjusted price. You will clearly see both your input price and the published price on the Order Entry Form (MV) and, when you have submitted it, in the Order Book (MV).

ExchangeView: Dashboard prices are displayed as per a commission-charging exchange: a percentage charge (equal to half of our required margin) will be applied to both the buyer and seller in the event of a trade. The published price in EV is the same as the one you have input, but in the event of a trade the amount you will pay or receive will differ from this figure by the margin charge. You need to bear this in mind when entering prices in EV so we clearly show the margin charge on the Order Entry Form (EV) along with the actual net amount that will be due to/from you should a trade occur.

Toggling between the two views can help demonstrate that they are merely two different ways of looking at the same data. When you toggle, any prices you have entered will adjust so that they always express a consistent target. Once you have decided which view you prefer using, it is probably best to stick to it.

The best bid and offer in the Order Book for each pack-size are reflected on the individual wine pages on our website (In Bond tab only). These are always expressed as all-inclusive (i.e. MarketView) prices. For instant sales and purchases at the prevailing quote, dealing directly from these pages can be a convenient alternative to the Dashboard.

If you are buying, try to be as flexible as possible with the Delivery Timeframe. Selecting “Any” will give your bid the best chance of success.

If you need to edit/delete a bid or offer just go to the appropriate tab on the Dashboard homepage.

The Portfolio tab shows all the LiveTrade wines in your Bordeaux Index Reserves (across all accounts if you have more than one). Click on the appropriate Trade button to open an Order Entry Form for that wine.

Notifications: you can opt to be notified by email when prices change or a trade occurs on selected wines. To set your preferences go to the LiveTrade tab on My Profile.