A Day in the Life of Cornelius Dönnhoff, owner and winemaker of Dönnhoff Winery

Cornelius Dönnhoff

5 January 2022

Bordeaux Index interviews Cornelius Dönnhoff, owner and winemaker of Dönnhoff Winery.

We find out what a typical day looks like for him at the winery.

My commute is….

I live down the street from the winery. It's only a few meters, but the morning view from our terrace of our vineyards is priceless. I enjoy the freshness in the morning and usually go to the winery with our dog Paula.

I’m responsible for ….

As a self-employed winemaker, I am responsible for everything!

My most memorable moment…

Becoming a father.

What I am most proud of….

My children Laurenz and Lisa.

What would your Plan B have been?

As a child, it was always clear to me that we are winemakers and that was our calling. Wine has always been the most important thing in the family, although when my sister and I were younger we did not always love it! When my friends were at the swimming pool, I had to help out in the vineyard, and birthdays were a subordinate to work, because the vines don't know when it was my birthday. As a schoolboy, I thought the job was not for me: too exhausting, too insecure, too dependent on nature. I can't think of a better job now. An independent, half artistic, half agricultural activity in which I am outdoors a lot and work with incredible people!

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