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Useful Information

Formats and Sizes

At Bordeaux Index we sell wine in a variety of formats - the table below shows the formats in more detail. Please contact your sales person to discuss packaging sizes.


All of the wine and spirits that we list is priced ex VAT. Wine delivered to the UK outside a bonded warehouse will be subject to VAT, which is currently at 20%.


All wine and and spirits bought in the UK are subject to UK Excise Duty (Please note that duty is also subject to VAT). The current rates of duty (as of 1/02/2019) are as follows:

Tax and Export

If customers would like to have wine exported outside of the EC, neither VAT nor duty are payable. If shipping within the EC, all local UK taxes are payable.

In Bond (IB) Stock

The vast majority of wine listed on this website is 'in bond'. In bond stock must be kept in a customs approved warehouse such as with Bordeaux Index Client reserves at The Colerne Reserve in Wiltshire. While wine is held in bond it can be traded without incurring tax or duty. Should you wish to have this wine removed from bond and delivered, duty and VAT will become payable.

Bordeaux Index Fine Wine & Spirits can arrange for your wine to be stored under bond. Click here to read further details about Bordeaux Index' Private Reserves.

Duty Paid (DP) Stock

We also stock wine that is duty paid. In such instances, the wine's price includes duty but not VAT. It is not possible to return duty paid wine to its in bond status.

Storage Rates

Our current storage charge is £2.63 excluding VAT per 4.5 litre case (covers all cases up to and including 4.5 litres, or the equivalent of 6 regular bottles) per 6 month period (or part thereof). Any cases above 4.5 litres and up to and including 9 litres (the equivalent of 12 regular bottles) will be charged at the full case rate of £5.25 excluding VAT per case per 6 month period (or part thereof).

The charging periods are January-June and July-December each year, invoiced in arrears.