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Portfolio Manager is our best-in-class cellar management tool. You can manage your entire collection, whether it is stored with Bordeaux Index or elsewhere, and you can instantly view the performance of your wines and spirits. Trade directly on LiveTrade and understand the real value of your portfolio at the click of a button.

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Explore our wine trading and investment guides to delve deeper into the world of fine wine investment. Discover what to invest in and when, and find out everything you need to know about using LiveTrade, our market transforming wine trading platform

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Bordeaux Index is by a distance the merchant with the most experience in the wine and whisky investment spaces. For over 20 years we have helped clients with everything from building a drinking cellar with a responsible eye on future value, all the way through to operating multi-million-pound portfolios in a full discretionary asset management context. With a steady movement towards alternative asset classes over recent years, wine is one of the most accessible and liquid of such alternative assets, with trading spreads now approaching those of traditional financial market-traded assets. In recent years we have also increased our activity in the whisky investment space and are now the leading investment manager in that segment.

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About Fine Wine & Whisky Investment

Find out everything there is to know about fine wine and whisky investment with our Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started investing with Bordeaux Index?

To start investing in wine with Bordeaux Index, we recommend looking at our Guide to Investing in Fine Wine and then speak to your Account Manager for a bespoke proposal. We aim to guide and advise you from start to finish to make the process as simple, pleasurable and rewarding as possible.

What is the minimum investment size you’d recommend for starting a portfolio?

Whilst an investment could start from as little as £500 or a single case of wine, we recommend £10,000 as a starting point in order to build a well-diversified portfolio. As for any asset, your portfolio should be diversified across a variety producers, ages and regions to optimise risk-weighted returns.

How secure is my investment?

The wine and whisky purchased from Bordeaux Index are your asset, owned by you and only by you. The risks associated with wine and whisky ownership are essentially ones of market pricing.

Can I store my investment at home?

We would strongly advise against it. Assets that are being held for investment should always be kept in a specialist facility that offers a controlled environment. Moreover, non-recoverable sales taxes are levied as soon as the wine or whisky leaves bonded status.

How long do I have to hold my wine?

There is no minimum time frame, so you can sell your holdings whenever you like. However, we would encourage you to see fine wine and whisky as medium to long term investments. Investors are recommended to set a minimum 3-5 year horizon but an investment term of 5-10 years may be optimal in order to benefit from a typical market cycle.

Are wine or whisky regulated investments?

Investment in wine and whisky is not regulated by the FCA or other securities authorities as they are physically traded, directly-owned assets.

How quickly can I sell my wine/whisky portfolio with LiveTrade?

Bordeaux Index’s LiveTrade platform offers unique liquidity for hundreds of wines meaning that assets can typically be liquidated and paid in a matter of days. Where wines do not benefit from live bids (LiveTrade+) and for whisky we will look to facilitate sale through LiveTrade. Depending on the assets in question timeframes can vary from a few days to a few weeks. This timeline may be extended for larger portfolios and/or portfolios containing assets of a niche nature.

What are the key factors to consider when buying or selling wine or whsiky for trading purposes?

When buying or selling wine or whisky for trading purposes, key factors to consider include provenance, condition, age, and market demand, as well as the reputation of the producer and any relevant industry trends or ratings. Additionally, factors like storage and transportation logistics, and financial considerations such as pricing and potential investment value, should also be taken into account.

Are there any risks or pitfalls to be aware of in wine and whisky trading?

Risks can include fluctuations in market demand and prices, challenges related to storage and provenance verification, and the need for expertise in evaluating trajectory and value. Bordeaux Index manages many of these aspects for you, ensuring that all wines have guaranteed provenance, are stored in the correct facilities and are in pristine condition.

Casks with Bordeaux Index

Casks with Bordeaux Index

With hundreds of casks currently under management for our clients and a rigorous selection and cask management process, Bordeaux Index is one of the most trusted operators in the field. We have regular access to a host of opportunities - be it younger casks with a lower price entry level and long-term horizon hold, or larger, mature assets from some of the world's legendary producers. Beyond the investment opportunity, we have a proven track record in helping clients bottle and enjoy their casks.

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