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We know the importance of storing wine in the perfect condition, that's why we offer the finest wine storage facilities in the UK treating every single bottle as if it was our own.

We entrust this integral part of our service to Octavian, the "world's number one in fine wine storage" who use a state-of-the-art wine storage facility - the Colerne Reserve.

Octavian has set the standard for fine wine storage by committing to maximise the value of your wine. We want to give you the reassurance that your fine wine is being stored in optimum conditions and whether it's a case or your full cellar, each bottle will be cared for in the same way. So much so that all wine in your client reserves is insured by Bordeaux Index to the full replacement value.

The site boasts high security for your fine wine, it's heavily insulated to control temperature and humidity within the warehouse and uses LED lighting to eliminate the risk of UV rays and heat generated by conventional lighting, every detail has been covered with bespoke machinery handling the wine to ensure that the product is minimally disrupted from vibration once it is in place.

At the facility, your stock will be checked by an assigned member of the Bordeaux Index team. Each and every case is checked in and out, logged and barcoded on receipt ensuring that each case is fully traceable, giving you the reassurance that your wine is in the best care possible. We also offer condition reports with photography of your wine, all of which is free of charge if you've purchased your wine through Bordeaux Index. For wine not bought from Bordeaux Index and not sold through LiveTrade or via My Portfolio a charge of £10 per case photographed will be applied for any product removed from storage within 12 months.

Portfolio Manager is our best-in-class cellar management tool. You can track and manage your entire collection, whether it is stored with Bordeaux Index or elsewhere, and you can instantly view the market returns on your wines and spirits. Trade directly on LiveTrade and understand the real value of your portfolio at the click of a button.

We do more than just store your wine:

  • Your Portfolio allows you to view all the wines in your collection at any time
  • LiveTrade is the only pan-market trading platform of its kind that offers transparent, instant pricing on 1000's of the world's top wine and whisky. It provides a level of market access which helps the market operate efficiently and accessibly by allowing any LiveTrade user to instantly buy, sell and place bids and offers on sought after producers and vintages.
  • Our Broking Service is available for all wines and spirits that don't meet LiveTrade conditions, we're on hand to help you sell quickly and efficiently
Why Would You Store With Anyone Else?

Why Would You Store With Anyone Else?

With one of the largest customer reserves holdings in the market and serving individuals in over 70 countries, we have taken every step to make the buying and selling of wine easy for our clients. Find out everything you need to know here.

Storage Guide

Our Detailed Rates

Prices exclude UK VAT

If you wish to transfer your wine out of Bordeaux Index's storage facility at Octavian then there will be a charge of £16.50 per 5 cases then an incremental £2 per additional case excluding duty and VAT.

We charge a processing fee per mixed case, applicable to any order involving the receival, handling or processing of mixed cases. The charge is £30 per case of 6 and £60 per case of 12 and is subject to change as per our Terms and Conditions.

Storage Subscription Service

You can take advantage of a reduced annual fee by signing up to our Storage Subscription Service. Our subscription service makes it easier than ever to pay your storage fees. Once you have set up your subscription account, payment will be taken twice a year, in January and July and you can manage your payment method at the click of a button in your account. When you sign up you will benefit from a discounted rate.

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Send a list of your wines you'd like to move - you can get this from your current provider

Include the prices you originally paid for them and the merchant you’d like to switch from

Bordeaux Index takes care of the rest for you

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