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Uncover unique trading and business expansion opportunities with our Market-Leading Automation Services, leveraging APIs to accelerate everything from data to trading. Choose the best platform, the finest source, your only destination for smarter business.

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Market View API

  • View the current state of the market for any of our tradeable fine wines
  • View our full catalogue of producer identifiers and associated data
  • Get our price list and trading opportunities automatically into your system.

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Trading API

  • Place automated trades on any of our markets
  • View and manage your current positions
  • Tap into our extensive global pool of private clients to sell your wines.

The Power

of Wine Trading Automation

With our Automation Services, you can access data, gain knowledge and harness the power of APIs to discover countless trading opportunities. LiveTrade APIs are easy to use, secure, reliable and scalable for your fine wine business.

The Market-Leading Tool

Access our market-leading trading data allowing you to scale your business quickly and efficiently

Expand your product offering

Diversify your fine wine selection by thousands of wines without requiring substantial additional investment

Access a wider range of customers

Our platform enables you to connect and trade with our extensive global customer base

Find Trading Opportunities

Be the first to find best buying and selling opportunities with APIs that bring real-time pricing to your business

24/7 Trading across different time zones

Access data and insights to facilitate 24/7 trading across different time zones

Absolute simplicity of integration

Our industry leading integration approach drives seamless and low-cost adoption

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With Fine Wine Automation

Using LiveTrade's Automation Services will scale your business and instantly unlock the flow within the fine wine market. Making use of our APIs optimises your trading capabilities, allowing you to instantly expand your product offering and gives you in-depth market intelligence. Simple integration will allow you to facilitate 24/7 trading across different time zones giving your business access to an extensive range of global customers and available trades. Utilise APIs that optimise your fine wine business with little additional investment, directly from our market transforming fine wine trading platform, LiveTrade.

Grow your Wine Business with APIs



Ensuring accurate and best-in-market pricing is crucial for your business when listing wine to buy or sell. By unlocking the power of LiveTrade APIs, you can seamlessly integrate the most reliable industry data directly into your systems for effortless flow. With the Market View API and Trading API, instantly view current market prices and have trading opportunities automatically integrated. See your business grow through simple and reliable Automation.


use LiveTrade Automation

The Market View API was quick and easy to install with the LiveTrade Automation team on hand to answer any questions we had about the process.


use LiveTrade Automation

LiveTrade is the leading wine platform for buying and selling fine wine and their APIs have allowed us to reap the benefits of automated trading.


use LiveTrade Automation

Our sales have massively increased since we plugged in the LiveTrade APIs. Now we're connected, we know that our pricing is accurate and instant, allowing our team to confidently approach clients with the best buy and sell pricing in the market.

Frequently asked

wine api questions

How do LiveTrade Wine APIs work?

The API suite provides two APIs. One is the Market View API for real-time data on wine prices and the other is the Trading API which allows you to access trading opportunities. Users can integrate it into their systems to automate buying (bidding), selling (offering) or analysing the fine wine market.

How can I grow my fine wine business using APIs?

Integrate LiveTrade APIs to access real-time market data, aiding informed purchasing decisions. Automate buying/selling processes, improving efficiency and response time to market changes.

How are LiveTrade's APIs different to Wine Searcher APIs and Liv-Ex APIs?

Integrate LiveTrade APIs to access real-time market data, aiding informed purchasing decisions. Automate buying/selling processes, improving efficiency and response time to market changes.

Is there a Wine API which is free?

Yes, LiveTrade's Automation offers free Wine API services. However, advanced features or extensive data access might require a subscription or payment and there could be developer costs for your business to get set up.

Does LiveTrade Automation have the most information available?

LiveTrade offers extensive data on fine wine trading and real-time pricing. We also provide reports and insights so you can understand how to benefit from our Automation Services.

How can I show market prices on my website?

Integrate LiveTrade Wine APIs to fetch real-time, updated prices. LiveTrade's APIs will ensure regular synchronisation and updates to display live market prices for your customers.

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