German Wine

The epic vineyards of Germany’s Mosel Valley are known for being some of the most labour intensive in the world. Steep-sided valleys are packed row upon row with vineyards, producing some of the most aromatic white wines with a wonderful ability to age gracefully. Of course in history German wines were prized among the finest in the world, often costing more than First Growth Bordeaux; however with Riesling, especially in the off-dry styles which excel here, falling a little out of fashion, the wines have nowadays come to represent exceptional value.

Germany hosts the highest proportion of Riesling grown anywhere in the world. It produces elegant wines which range from bone-dry, steely Kabinetts to gently rich Spatleses all the way to unctuous, sweet Trockenbeerenauslese.

However Germany is also increasing its fame for Pinot Noir – or Spatburgunder as it is known locally – with the finest examples standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the best in Burgundy and from the New World.

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