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A cookie is a small text file which is placed onto your device (e.g. computer, smartphone or other electronic device) when you use our website. We use cookies on our website. These help us recognise you and your device and store some information about your preferences or past actions.

For example, we may monitor how many times you visit the website, which pages you go to, traffic data, location data and the originating domain name of your internet service provider. This information helps us to build a profile of our users. Some of this data will be aggregated or statistical, which means that we will not be able to identify you individually.

For further information on our use of cookies, including a detailed list of your information which we and others may collect through cookies, please see below.

We will ask for your permission (consent) to place cookies or other similar technologies on your device, except where they are essential for us to provide you with a service that you have requested (e.g. for technical performance or to enable you to put items in your shopping basket and use our check-out process).

You can withdraw any consent to the use of cookies or manage any other cookie preferences by clicking on the Cookie Preferences at the bottom of any page on our site. You can then switch your preferences on or off as appropriate. It may be necessary to refresh the page for the updated settings to take effect.

Essential Cookies

These cookies allow us to manage the technical performance of the website such as load balancing to ensure that the site is available to all users.

You may set your browser to reject these cookies, but this is likely to affect your use of the site.

Functionality / Analytical Cookies

These cookies remember choices you make to improve your experience. For example, they allow the website to remember selections such as language, currency, region or changes to text size and to remember you on return visits. They may also be used, for example, to remember the point you have reached in a survey so that you can return to it later.

By choosing an option such as remember me, text size or participating in a survey or similar services that necessitate the use of a cookie, you will be indicating your consent to that cookie.

You may set your browser to reject these cookies, but this is likely to affect your use of the site.

Activity Logging - Websites / Advertising Cookies

These cookies are essential to authorise your access to content and services that are not publicly available including paid-for content.

If you are a registered user, when you log on, this places a cookie on your machine. Once you are logged on, we monitor your activity on our websites, for example, which articles you read. This is for the following purposes:

  • We need to ensure compliance with your user license and adherence to our Terms and Conditions as part of your purchase, trial or subscription. (Our terms and conditions are published on our website and can be accessed by a link in the footer of each page)
  • For customer service purposes to provide you with a tailored service and to develop products and services reflecting your needs.

If you would prefer us not to use your activity log for customer service purposes, you can request that we anonymisze it for these uses. This will affect our ability to understand your requirements and personalisze your browsing experience in the future.

To request anonymisation please contact us here and include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your company's name

DoubleClick is a service provided by Google. Its cookies are used to serve advertising relevant to users’ interests and measure the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns for our sites. For further information please see:

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps us to understand how our users engage with our websites and so allows us to better tailor our websites to our users’ needs.

The tool uses a cookie in order to evaluate the use of content and compile reports for us on activity on our websites and Apps. For further information and to opt out from this cookie please see:

We use all features of Google Analytics for Display Advertisers. That includes obtaining specific visitor cookie data, such as the source, medium and keyword used to visit our website. Google Analytics does not store any visitor specific data and we will not use visitor specific data in any way related to Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Remarketing. We use remarketing with Google Adwords and analytics to display content specific advertisements to visitors that have previously visited our site when those visitors go to other websites that have the Google Display Network implemented.

We use the “Custom Audience pixel” of Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”) on our website. With its help, we can keep track of what users do after they see or click on a Facebook advertisement. This enables us to monitor the effectiveness of Facebook ads for purposes of statistics and market research. Data collected in this way is anonymous to us, which means we cannot see the personal data of individual users. However, this data is saved and processed by Facebook. Facebook can connect this data with your Facebook account and use it for its own advertising purposes, in accordance with Facebook’s Data Policy. You can allow Facebook and its partners to place ads on and outside of Facebook. A cookie can also be saved on your device for these purposes. Please follow the links below for more information:

Data Policy:

To withdraw your consent

Google Tag Manager ("GTM") is a tag management system to manage JavaScript and HTML tags used for tracking and analytics on websites. Tags are small code elements that, among other things, are used to measure traffic and visitor behaviour; to understand the effect of online advertising and social channels; to set up remarketing and orientation towards target groups; and to test and optimize websites. GTM makes it easier for us to integrate and manage our tags.

If you do not want to accept any cookies, you may be able to change your browser settings so that cookies (including those which are essential to the services requested) are not accepted. If you do this, please be aware that you may lose some of the functionality of our website.

Please contact us here if you have any questions about this cookie policy or the information we hold about you