Piedmont Wine, world-renowned for its stellar reputation.

Sitting at the foot of the Western Alps, Piedmont holds an unrivalled reputation worldwide as one of the finest regions for producing wine capabale of long ageing. The most famous Piedmont wines are Barolo and Barbaresco, known as Italy’s ‘wine kings and king of wines’, although these do not form the whole story of Piedmont. There are reds produced from Barbera and crisp, fresh, Alpine styled whites from Freisa, amongst others.

Piedmont wines, made primarily from the Nebbiolo grape, typically have extraordinary ageing potential. In their youth, Nebbiolo creates wines with naturally high acidity, a hauntingly pale garnet colour and intense aromas and flavours of cherry and rose. Their scents are beguiling but their structure can be impenetrable when young; however, once aged, these wines can inspire and enthral like few others and great experiences with mature bottles often cause many collectors to seek them out. It is not by any means Italy’s most planted or vinified grape but it has undoubtedly propelled the reputation of Piedmont to the very highest heights of the wine world. Leading producers include Bruno Giacosa, Angelo Gaja, Roberto Voerzio and Giacomo Conterno among many others.

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