Loire Valley Wine

The Loire Valley, known as the ‘heart of France’ is named after the River Loire, France’s longest river. It forms the centre line of the region around which its many diverse vineyards are situated. The Loire Valley is an important wine region, not only in France but scross the world, most popular for its famous white wines and vibrant, thirst-quenching reds.

While there are many historically significant and important vineyards in the Loire Valley, the Central vineyards are the most notable, being the home of two of the most famous white wines in the world: Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume. These wines are often considered the benchmark of Sauvignon Blanc. However the Chenin Blancs of Vouvray and Savennieres can be equally spectacular and in the case of the Vouvrays from Domaine Huet, can live for decades as well.

Not only does the Loire Valley produce fine white wines but some excellent light-styled reds from Chinon and surrounding villages, made from Cabernet Franc grapes. In its youth Loire Cabernet Franc has the aroma of raspberries and bell peppers but as it ages, it gracefully develops more complex, deeper, savoury notes.

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