New Zealand Wine, exhilarating wines with vibrant, fruity tones.

New Zealand has captured wine lovers’ attention with its lively and fruity flavours. Despite its short history with wine production, its output production only being around a tenth of Australia’s, it is now earning its reputation for high-quality wines that are globally recognised. The pure tones found in New Zealand wines have firmly put the region on the world leaderboard and is one of the reasons for their boosted sales. Many of New Zealand’s best and most famous vineyards are coastally located, receiving cooling sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean at night. On the cooler South Island, vineyards rely on the mountainous Southern Alps to protect them from excessive rain-bearing winds. These varying climates and conditions provide the perfect landscape for making fruit-filled wines including some of the most distinctive, famous, and great value Pinot Noirs in the world. We list many top-quality producers from both islands, including those from Ata Rangi, Craggy Range and Felton Road.

There are few wines more distinctive than those from New Zealand’s Marlborough wine region. The crisp, bright and aromatic Sauvignon Blancs are a clear and extraordinary expression of their vineyards’ terroir and the cool, maritime climate of the island itself. New Zealand’s winegrowers have been able to develop their own recognisable twist on a wine classic. With over 20,000ha of wines under care, Marlborough wineries offer an array of different varieties, but their Sauvignon Blanc is the reason that New Zealand was placed firmly on the wine playing field in the 1980s.

New Zealand’s wine producers are certainly not restricted in terms of style; they have developed a global reputation for producing zesty Chardonnays of excellent quality and superb red wines and notably world-class Syrah wines. Discover our extensive range of New Zealand red and white wines below.

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