Rosé Wine

Once derided as a cheap option for uncomplicated glugging, rosé wine has reached new heights of quality and sophistication in the past decade. Indeed whilst still being an option for easy drinking, there are many examples which could readily be considered Fine Wines; once the preserve of barbecues and pub gardens, it is now served in the world’s finest restaurants, on private yachts and - in sparkling form - for decadent celebrations.

Rosé is typically made by allowing the skins of red grapes to come into contact with the wine for a short period of time, allowing both gentle colour transfer and increased textural complexity. In the case of the Champagne region, rosé wine is made by adding a touch of still red wine to the white – something we also find in some traditional roses of Spain such as Lopez de Heredia’s Vina Tondonia Rose. The grapes used to create rosé wine depend very much on the region in which it is produced and therefore what is available. This also dictates the aroma characteristics, flavour profile and ageability of the wine.

Discover the world’s best rosé wine throughout our extensive collection below.

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