Portuguese wine, varied and substantial in their style.

Portugal is usually most famously known for its fortified wines of Port and Maderia, however, Portuguese wines are more varied and substantial than one would expect. Non-fortified wines in particular, such as Portugal red wine and whites are ones of the fast-growing imports of wines into the United States and for good reason.

Portugal has a tradition and strong relationship with producing wine from indigenous grape varieties as well as making use of their varied climate and geography. Portugal has regularly rejected wine trends of using more international grape varieties in their production and now their fruit-filled wines from unique native grapes are able to compete worldwide on the wine stage.

It holds a wealth of native grape varieties, meaning that Portugal vineyards are able to produce unique and individual wines on a regular basis. Azamor winery is well renowned for its fruit-filled wines, which are always of consistent quality and amazing value.

The best Portuguese wine ranges from the crisp refreshing whites of the Vinho Verde to the Ports produced in the Douro region next door. It is Portugal’s indigenous varieties like Touriga Nacional and Alvarinho which highlight that their determination to use only native varieties has paid off. With Portugal’s dry wines still flying under the radar of general knowledge, these hidden gems are certainly worth talking about.

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