Special Cuvee NV, Bollinger
The Non-Vintage Champagne

Special Cuvee NV, Bollinger

Why we chose it

It's no secret that Bollinger are partners in Bordeaux Index but this is not a question of listing this wine for this reason; this wine is the reason that we developed the partnership. Iconic, exceptional, vibrant, everlasting: we simply adore Bollinger Special Cuvée.

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Sancerre Chatellenie, Joseph Mellot 2019
The Loire Valley Sauvignon

Sancerre Chatellenie, Joseph Mellot 2019

Why we chose it

There was a time when Sancerre was 'the thing' and it's not hard to see why it fell out of favour, given the ease of drinkability and wallet-friendly pricing of Antipodean Sauvignon Blancs. This will remind you why it deserves its place in the world wine canon with its smoky, crisp apple notes and mineral qualities. It's deliberately refined and a little more reserved than New World styles; and all the more authentic and enjoyable for that.

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Jose Zuccardi Malbec, Familia Zuccardi 2016
The Argentinian Red

Jose Zuccardi Malbec, Familia Zuccardi 2016

Why we chose it

Argentina is about capturing that sense of altitude, showing that the wines that are made here just couldn't be made anywhere else. The freshness and precision of this Malbec, backed up by fabulous rich fruit, absolutely nails the brief. Some people think of South American wines as being too heavy or overly rich; this wine will definitely confound those inaccurate expectations.

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Producer Interviews


A day in the life of

Denis Bunner, Deputy Chef de Cave at Bollinger

Imagine being able to taste Bollinger Champagne 4 times every single day, most people's dream! For Denis Bunner, Deputy Chef de Cave at Bollinger, that dream is a working day reality. But it isn't all Champagne sipping heaven, the working day is long, intense and jam packed with tastings, meetings and projects. Discover exactly what a typical day looks like for the Deputy Chef de Cave at Bollinger.

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Charles de Bournet, Owner of Domaines Bournet Lapostolle

Located in the wine-producing region of Colchagua Valley, Lapostolle is one of the flagship estates in Chile. Their Cuvée Alexandra Cabernet Sauvignon has earned itself a spot in our sought after Merchant's Collection. We chatted to Charles de Bournet, the owner of this great Chilean Estate, and found out a little more about the history and creation of Lapostolle.

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Tasting Guide

With each of our wines selected for The Merchant's Collection epitomising their region and distinctively representing their well known style, it was only right to create a style guide to characterise the tastes you might know so well and also be searching for from these wines. We've developed a simple key identifying the three most significant characteristics of the wine. From delicate to zesty, the wines in our collection are bursting with flavour and strike the perfect balance.

Fruity Icon


Generous, notably fruity style typically as a result of warm conditions and plenty of sunshine hours. In conjunction with 'light' or 'delicate' this can mean an early-drinking style of wine; in conjunction with 'rich' or 'structure' the wine might need more time in bottle to show its full potential.

Delicate Icon


Finely structured with an elegant balance of tannins, acidity and fruit. Subtlety and precision are more in evidence than power and weight, but not lacking in concentration or character.

Floral Icon


Wine displays high-toned characters reminiscent of fresh flowers and blossom. Typically white flowers (jasmine, honeysuckle) in white wines and headier, musky flowers (violets, roses) in red wines.

Light Icon


Predominantly for red wines driven by freshness rather than structure, featuring red fruit tones rather than black. Often best served lightly chilled and perfect for lunchtimes.

Mineral Icon


Think mineral water rather than actual rocks, this is evidence of a wine 'translating' the site it is grown on. Wines with distinctive wet stone aromas and drying, chalk- or slate-like characters on the palate.

Rich Icon


Relating to texture as much as to flavour, the sensation of richness in reds comes from smooth, supple tannins and in whites from broad, mouthcoating flavours with a ripe, seamless fruit character.

Structure Icon


Typically (although not exclusively) relating to wines with a firm frame of tannins which can shroud fruit in youth – but with the benefit of decanting can provide a fabulous, broad and complex experience.

Tropical Icon


Evidence of growing in a warm, benevolent climate, this is generally used for white wines which show generous, sunny fruit characters such as mango, passion fruit, pineapple and the like.

Zesty Icon


Reflective of citrus characters in a wine, such as lemon, lime and grapefruit in whites or mandarin, orange or orange peel typically in lighter, aromatic reds. Often works well alongside tropical!

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