With a long and established wine-growing history, Australia has earned its place among the most established of the New World wine-producing regions and has grown to become the sixth largest wine producer in the world.

Thanks to Australia’s booming wine production and global ranking, there are a wealth of first rate producers producing exceptional wines in Australia; the likes of Mayer from the Yarra Valley, Clarendon Hills from McLaren Vale and Cullen from Margaret River - all of which we regularly stock - as well as an array of other leading producers from this great wine region.

Most of the Australian vineyards are located in the South Eastern Australia Zone, consisting of South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, where you can find a multitude of wine regions from the valleys of Clare and Eden, known for exceptionally fruity and age-worthy Australian white wine, from dry Rieslings to crisp Hunter Valley Semillon, and elegant Cabernets from Margaret River and Coonawarra. It would also be remiss not to mention the outstanding Pinot Noir produced in Southern Australia, especially on the south coast, which is increasing in quality, production and popularity. Although close in proximity, Australian and New Zealand wines very much have their own unique styles and tones.

Australia’s red wine, Shiraz, with its full-bodied with vibrant berry tones, is by far the most popular variation within the vast landscape of Australia. It is also the most planted grape as it responds well to the country’s variety of climates and terroirs. Over the years, Australian Shiraz has caused an international sensation, from the rich and powerful wines of the Barossa and Hunter Valleys to the silkier, leaner, more peppery styles from Heathcote.

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